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About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of the Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (SRHA) is to provide affordable housing and to help people to become self-sufficient.

Vision Statement

Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority is a recognized leader in affordable housing for all. 

Value Statement

The people of Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority adhere to high standards of performance and quality in all endeavors. We treat our employees, our customers and our stakeholders with consideration and respect. We use planning as a top priority tool to enable SRHA to meet evolving community redevelopment, conservation and housing needs. We listen to our customers and stakeholders so as to serve better their needs and improve the conditions under which we all live, work and play in the City of Suffolk. An improved quality of life is the measure of our success.

Leadership Philosophy

Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority is an organization made up of dedicated professionals and commissioners who are creative, motivated, competent and committed to achieving the mission of neighborhood redevelopment, conservation and revitalization including the development and operation of affordable, decent, safe and sanitary housing in attractive and suitable living environments.

SRHA Board and Executive leadership will operate in an environment that encourages the participation by employees, customers and other stakeholders, including the City of Suffolk, in decision making in order to improve continuously the quality of life of the citizens of the city. We will promote teamwork to foster innovation and imagination in order to address issues and promote their effectiveness resolution.

SRHA recognizes that high quality planning is a top priority as SRHA moves to meet evolving community development, conservation and housing needs, and that success requires knowledge of multiple regulatory community and environmental components, combined with consideration and evaluation of SRHA’s current and developing strengths.

Analysis of the environment within which SRHA operates includes the following:

  • Governmental regulatory and legal considerations
  • An overview of the demographics and the strategic growth and operational plans for the entire City of Suffolk, the community we serve.
  • Knowledge of planning information along with current housing and redevelopment plans and needs, segmented by city boroughs and ongoing evaluations of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of and to SRHA resulting from the convergence of these external environmental components within which SRHA operates as they relate to the existing infrastructure of SRHA.

By consideration and evaluation of information developed through this analysis, the Board of Commissioners and the Executive Director shall develop objectives and budget guidelines that will guide the efforts of managers and staff organization-wide during the coming year.