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SRHA offers a variety of programs and services for residents of its housing communities. The Resident Services specialist serves each community providing referral resources and services such as adult education, apprenticeship, and parenting classes. Activities such as health screenings, culinary demonstrations, trips and cultural activities are available. A monthly newsletter and/or activities calendar are published to provide additional information on upcoming programs, services and activities within our communities.

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)
The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is an initiative enacted in the National Affordable Housing Services Act of 1990. It is designed to assist you as a FSS participant in utilizing community services and resources in achieving economic independence. Certain services such as Education, Job Training, Employment and Housing are necessary in achieving that self-sufficiency. 

The Public Housing FSS Program is designed to work directly with residents to connect them with local education and training opportunities, job placement organizations, local employers and other public and private resources to enable participating families to increase earned income, reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance and make progress towards achieving economic independence and housing self sufficiency. 

Adult Program and Services
SRHA is committed to providing classes and workshops that increase the residents chance for economic independence. Adult GED employment and resume building workshops and apprenticeship classes are offered to help close the income gap. One-On-One interactive computer courses increase computer knowledge and skills. Health education and screenings provide blood pressure and blood sugar checks, cholesterol screenings, sex education and health assessments. Monthly health group seminars serve as a vehicle to health issues and concerns.

Youth Programs
There are several programs designed for SRHA's youth population. Programs are designed to increase the awareness of the Arts through special projects, field trips and multi-cultural experiences

Girl Scouts of America offer young girls a place to retreat, explore new and exciting adventures while having fun.

King's Kids of America offers an alternative to drugs, sex and violence through an inspirational and biblical approach. Monthly programs on various health topics such as HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, abstinence and peer pressure.

Positive Role Model Enhancement Program (PREP), designed as a mentor program its goal is to build healthy, trusting relationships with younger male youth ages 8 to 16 years old.

WTCSB Adolescent Outreach Program provides a full range of carefully structured curriculum options to address the knowledge, skills and attitudes of youth who are at risk for gang involvement and to provide resources to address those involved in negative activities by enhancing educational instruction, improving peer relationships, offsetting the risk of academic failure and improving behavior and social skills development.