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Hall Place Neighborhood Conservation Project

The Hall Place Neighborhood Conservation Plan was drafted by SRHA in July 2002 created as a follow up to the recommendation of the Downtown Plan to revitalize neighborhoods in the vicinity of downtown.  Working the Downtown Steering Committee, Urban Design Associated created a plan that focused on repairing the fractured urban pattern with a series of connector streets designed to create an interconnected street network.

Plan objectives accomplished the following:

  • Crime Prevention:  A neighborhood watch program has been implemented within Hall Place.
  • Fire Prevention:  Eliminate home and neighborhood fire hazards through education; report suspicious acts or conditions, which may result in a fire.
  • Block Cleanups:  Encourage neighborhood anti-litter campaign, sidewalk sweeps, and advise proper disposal of weekly trash, leaves, trees, etc.
  • Traffic Controls: Advise City of needed traffic improvements; cooperate with local officials by reporting violations of traffic laws.
  • Neighborhood Preservation:  Encourage neighbors to paint and fix up homes and/or apartments through voluntary methods; participate in government programs that would assist property owners in initiating improvements with financial assistance.
  • Social Affairs:  Initiate block parties/socials events to stimulate fellowship.
  • Senior Citizen Assistance:  Aid senior citizens through escort services, friendly visits and telephone reassurances.
  • Neighborhood Beautification:  Initiate programs to beautify and enhance our community's appearance for those living with Hall Place and for those visiting our area.  Plans developed for a neighborhood sign, welcoming those who enter, located in the triangle of South Main Street and Hall Avenue.
  • Monitoring of City Council:  Develop better communication between the Association and councilmen; also be alert to any municipal action that might adversely affect the character of the neighborhood, such as re-zoning, reduced services, traffic patters, etc.