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Orlando Neighborhood Conservation Project

The Orlando Neighborhood Conservation Project was approved by the Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority's Board of Commissioners in May 1997 and became the first neighborhood conservation project undertaken by SRHA with an intolerable and uncomfortable mixture of residential and industrial land uses within the community. 

The Plan objectives are the following:

  • To plan strategically for the revitalization of a residential community experiencing decline and decay;
  • To rehabilitate individual residential properties so as to bring these properties up to residential standards;
  • To acquire deteriorated property which is not feasible for rehabilitation;
  • To construct needed public components to enhance the livability of the area, to create a more attractive environment and to upgrade the public infrastructure to serve the needs of the community;
  • To develop new owner-occupied, attractive single family housing that is consistent with the goals of the neighborhood;
  • To develop a strategy that will encourage and promote maintenance of residential structures at the level outlined in the Orlando Rehabilitation and Design Standards;
  • To encourage participation of residents in the improvements and future development of their neighborhood through involvement with the development, approval, and implementation of the Conservation Plan while under creation and completion;
  • To establish recreational opportunities for the community's youth; and
  • To achieve project activities by the end of the year 2003