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History 1976 - 1981

Cypress Manor/Parker Riddick Village was Named for Moses A. Riddick, Jr. (former member of the Nansemond County Board of Supervisors, former member of Suffolk City Council and former employee of SRHA) and Locke Parker (President of United Auto Workers [UAW] Local Union 26). Davis Boulevard, in the Cypress Manor Community, was named for Mr. Jasper Davis, an engineering consultant from Virginia Beach who suggested to Nansemond County officials to apply to the U.S. Department of HUD for participation in a rent subsidy program. Cogic Square, the street name of Cypress Manor Community, was named for the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) under the direction of Rev. D. Lawrence Williams. SRHA purchased Cypress Manor in 1976 and opened its doors in 1978. Parker Village opened in 1981.

12 units of intermediary care for the mentally challenged know as the Finney Avenue Residence was constructed in 1979.