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History 1984 - 1989

Hoffler Apartments which opened in 1984 was named for Dr. William M. Hoffler, Sr. who founded the first black hospital, Suffolk Community Hospital at the corner of Spruce Street and Madison Avenue, in 1942. Dr. Hoffler donated his home to First Baptist Church, Mahan Street, to be used as a convalescent home (First Baptist Hoffler Home for Adults) for ambulatory patients.

Colander Bishop Meadows which opened in 1986 was named for Bishop Obadiah Colander and Mr. King S. Bishop who organized neighborhood support groups in support of the public housing project in the Saratoga neighborhood.

Chorey Park Apartments which opened in 1987 was named for the Chorey Estates from which the land was purchased. Chorey Park houses the elderly, disabled and handicapped citizens of the City of Suffolk.

Five single-family homes were constructed in Saratoga through a partnership with Suffolk Habitat for Humanities in 1988.